What is Back office?

let us explain
Founded in 2002

Certified minority owned Business

HEADQuartered in Reston, VA


Our back office team ensures that we can support the business that our Sales & Recruiting team are bringing in. Our Headquarters team, located in Reston, is responsible for company policy, contract administration, finance & accounting, human resources, marketing, payroll, and technology integration.

The Field Operations team handles market level office management, event coordination, asset management, and consultant care. Field Operations includes the Market Operations Managers and Consultant Care Specialists.

Tip: Think of the Market Operations Manager as your go-to person. More than likely, they have the answer you need or can get get it quickly!

Meet the Goalies behind the net

AManda Young // Payroll and Benefits Admin

I can answer, or find the answer, for any Payroll, Benefits or HR question that you, a candidate or a consultant may have. Feel free to reach out for anything! Let the good times Payroll!

Blaire Holt // market ops manager (Atlanta)

Closed a deal and need to get an offer out to a consultant? Send me the deets, I’ll get it done.
Printer down? I’ll get it working in no time.
Planning an office celebration? I’ve got you covered – unconventionally decorated cakes and personalized cards are my specialty.
Brandon Boone hasn’t returned your call/email? Let me know and you’ll get a response within the hour.
Need to vent about the general inconveniences of being alive? I’m all ears.
Need a recommendation for a True Crime Doc or Oreo flavor? I’m your gal.

Justin Miller // Sr. Accountant

Justin handles all of the client invoicing, vendor billing, and finance related stuff. If you have a client or subcontractor with questions related to money, he's your guy.

Justin r Schuback // Tehcnology Integration manager

I accept the fact that I have to sacrifice a whole Wednesday to write this blurb for whatever it is I do here. But I think you’re crazy to make me write this blurb telling you who I think I am. You see me as you want to see me. In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions.

But what I found out is that I am an IT end-user support guy… And a marketing specialist… And a graphic/web designer… And a systems administrator… And a basket case… Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours,
The Breakfast Club

Kristin Murphy // Market Operations Director

Kristin heads the Field Operations team and sits in HQ. She helps to make sure you have everything you need to be able to do your job every day! She handles all asset management, job boards, serves as the HQ, Arlington, Reston, and Florida MOM, planner of all company-wide events, and is the secondary FSO (in case Sarah is out).

Sarah Buswell // Consultant Care Specialist

You can reach out to me for any questions with consultant care for Reston and our Florida offices. I’m also the Facility Clearance Officer (FSO), so happy to assist with anything clearance related. Although I wear a few different hats around here, I take most pride in really upping our snack selection in our Reston vending machine! You’re welcome!

  • Arlington
    4501 N Fairfax Drive
    Suite 500
  • Atlanta
    2500 Northwinds Parkway
    Suite 450